Ever wonder what you can do about that keloid scar you have? Check out this video where Erin Jensen uses the Cryoshape treatment to "freeze" and remove this type of scar!

A keloid forms within scar tissue when collagen overgrows in an area and produces a lump that can sometimes even be larger than the original scar. They occur most often on the earlobes, the chest, back, and upper arms. It happens when scar tissue from an episode of "trauma" gets hyperexcited and grows beyond the bounds of the original wound. Usually a person knows when their keloid is active because it itches or is painful. Treatment is difficult and recurrence is common but in this case, the entire keloid was removed and the patient will not need to return for another session.

Cryoshape is the treatment used in this procedure - Cryoshape freezes the keloid from the inside out, hoping to destroy the cells that are overproducing. The patient is not in any pain because we numb the area around the keloid before treatment. The keloid will ideally turn black and shrink or fall off but this can take a few weeks to a few months.

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