OK, so let me explain a little about what's going on here. He had a large cyst that liquefied and broke down. No easily visible cyst wall/sac, so I just had to clean out the contents as best as I could. This is an inflamed/liquefied cyst. There is no infection. Bacterial cultures confirmed this. There's no reason for me to leave it open and pack it and if I were to do this it would leave a horrible looking scar and create more pain and distress as it was healing, slowly filling up from the inside outwards. Would take months to heal if I had done this. Many months.

The question many people have, is why I didn't place a drain. Well, it's uncomfortable, often painful to sit on a drain, and I felt with adequate compression an empty space would hopefully not be large and create a seroma (essentially just sterile fluid) within the area. Well, because this is a difficult area to compress adequately, a seroma did form, but this is not a complication, this is an often expected part of the healing process. Expected to some extent due to the location and his activity. It's not a big deal for me to aspirate the fluid, and doing so every couple days will speed the healing. Just as I would have to empty a drain placed in the area, either way, he needs some time to heal. And as you can see in three visits, the amount of fluid aspirated has decreased considerably which is what I'm looking for. He has not been back since the last aspiration (because he had to travel on business, which he wouldn't have been able to do if I had let the wound heal without suturing) but I should see him soon. I'm certain he would have returned or called us sooner if he felt the area was swelling greatly, so I'm pretty sure he's doing well and on the road to recovery! I will keep you all updated!

Thank you for watching!!

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